Pomeranian Melbourne Royal 2018

Pomeranian Winning Dogs at Melbourne Royal 2018

2018 was an exciting year at Dochlaggie Pomeranians

Dochlaggie attended 3 Royal Shows, being Sydney Easter Show, Adelaide and Melbourne Royals. Taking BEST OF BREED at all 3 Royal Shows attended. Thanks to Jarrod and Ashlee for doing the hard miles and attending and showing our exhibits at Sydney and Adelaide Royals.

Jarrod and Digger attended the Adelaide Winter Festival Shows and Digger enjoyed a Best in Show placing and couple of Best Exhibit in Group wins, after being awarded the first CACIB on offer for Pomeranians.

During 2018, Dochlaggie Dainty Darlene and Dochlaggie Dae Dreamer became Champions.

Both Pomeranians winning “in show” awards. Kobe aka Dae Dreamer is a Best Exhibit in Group winner and Puppy in Show awarded Champion.
Younger members of the Dochlaggie show team quickly made their mark with newcomer, the stunning Jake aka Dochlaggie Debonair reliably being awarded Best Baby Puppy in group. Jake was a hit at the Royal Melbourne Show, securing himself a spot in channel 7 news report on the Royal Melbourne Show.

Pomeranian Dochlaggie Debonair

Pomeranian Dochlaggie Debonair

White made a big come-back at Dochlaggie during 2018 with the purchase of White Avenger of Chiao Li Ya imported Taiwan.

White Avenger Of Chiao Li Ya

White Avenger Of Chiao Li Ya

Dochlaggie Winter Wolfe hit the showring mid-October and swiftly proved what a quality white Pomeranian puppy could do in the show ring. Thank you to all the judges, who disregarded Wolfe’s colour and awarded him according to his quality.
Looking forward to promoting both these young boys further, together with other youngsters waiting in the wings during 2019.

Dochlaggie Winter Wolfe

Dochlaggie Winter Wolfe

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Pomeranian Meet-Ups

Melbourne Pomeranian Picnic News.

Melbourne Pomeranian Picnic News.

Melbourne and Sydney saw Pomeranian Meet-ups held during the year, with both cities recently having their Pomeranian Christmas Picnics. A wonderful time is had by all Pomeranian lovers who attend our Pomeranian Picnics.
If you would like to help organise a Pomeranian Meet-Up in your city for members of Pomeranians Australia contact an group admin. It is wonderful to get together with our Pomeranians.

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Dochlaggie 2019

Something very, very exciting is happening early 2019.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2019.
Lots of Love from all at Dochlaggie Pomeranians.