Dochlaggie pomeranians AustraliaDochlaggie Pomeranians established 1975

We’re located in the northern country region of Melbourne, Australia.

Celebrating 40 years as a Pomeranian Exhibitor/Breeder. Becoming a member of Dogs Victoria (then known as the Kennel Control Council) in February, 1975. During this time, more than 80 of our Pomeranians have been titled in many parts of the World.

Breeder/Exhibitor of many All Breeds and Specialty “Best in Show” winners.

Breeding High Quality Pomeranians in Most Colours

As well as the challenge of breeding quality orange Pomeranians, I also have a passion for the coloured Poms and have spent the last 20 years working to breed quality White Pomeranians, Wolf sable Pomeranians, Cream Sable Poms, Orange Poms, Orange Sable, Chocolate Brown Pomeranians, Beaver, Parti Colours, Black & Tan and Black Poms.

Dochlaggie Exports Winners and Champions to all Parts of the Globe.

Dochlaggie pomeranians AustraliaWe have sent show champions & winning Pomeranians to the U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Finland, France, India, Italy, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Seychelles Islands, Vanuatu, Russia & Thailand.

Dochlaggie strives to breed for health, correctness of type and soundness and we’re well-known in the dog world for our tremendous number of successes in the show ring, as well as for our honesty and integrity with our breeding/showing ethics.

Pomeranians used in our breeding program are health checked prior to being bred. Dochlaggie puppies are sold with a written Health Guarantee. Our pups are well socialised, immunised, microchipped, wormed and vet checked prior to leaving for their new homes.

Dochlaggie Pomeranians are Proven in the Show Ring.

Dochlaggie proudly exhibits at dog shows in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia on a regular basis. Our breeding program involves carefully planned breeding to the best available stud dogs, incorporating blood lines from the most respected kennels in the world.

My Passion for Pomeranians Started when I was a Young Child.

I was very fortunate to have an aunt who bred and exhibited Champion Poms. It gave me great joy each time I nursed a Champion Pom on the way home from a show. I now understand the reason why I was allowed to nurse those glorious Pomeranians after the show. Seeing these beautiful little dogs was the start of a dream of filling my life with Show Pomeranians.

I have enjoyed the privilege of owning Pomeranians throughout most of my life and feel this early exposure to the Pomeranian breed, in addition to many years of practical experience breeding livestock and working with stock horses on the farm, has empowered me in my quest to breed superior quality Pomeranians.

Applying for a name for my kennel in 1975, I wanted a suitable word to go before the word “Pomeranian.”

Dochlaggie pomeranians AustraliaI had submitted at least 40 names and they had all been rejected. I was starting to wonder if I would ever find that “magical” name I could brand as my own.

Then I received a postcard from my mother-in-law, who had returned to visit her previous home and relatives in Scotland. This card originated from a place called “Dochlaggie.” On the spur of the moment, I decided to submit that name. At last! A prefix that was accepted and, hence, the Dochlaggie Pomeranians came into existence.

Dochlaggie’s long, diverse client list includes a lot of very high profile celebrities worldwide because they have chosen to share their life with a Dochlaggie Pomeranian.

Dochlaggie is an ANKC registered breeder with Dogs Victoria. We own a beautiful property in Northern Victoria, set on a spacious 100 acre property, with council approved and registered indoor/outdoor facilities specifically designed to keep our Pomeranians comfortable, happy and safe. Pomeranians used in our breeding program are registered, health screened, micro chipped and DNA profiled.

Exceptional quality Pom puppies are occasionally available to caring owners.

Puppies are reared in our home as part of our loving family. Puppies are only allowed to leave after a full health check, vaccination, microchip & regular worming. All puppies are registered with Dogs Victoria and this certifies that the puppy is a pedigree purebred.

Dochlaggie Pomeranians have been very successful in the show ring for many years.

JDochlaggie pomeranians AustraliaOur success started with winning an All Breeds Best in Show award at a Championship Show in 1978 with homebred, owner-handled, Champion Dochlaggie Decisive.

Many winning Best in Show Champion Pomeranians have followed, including the top winning American Champion, Multi Best in Show, American Champion Dochlaggie Dagwood and International Champion Dochlaggie Devils Brew.

Numerous Dochlaggie Champions have had the prestigious status of being Multi Best in Show Champions. Some of our Champions are Multi Champions, being titled in two countries and one, a stunning cream sable, New Zealand, Australian and Singapore Champion Dochlaggie Deity, is titled in 3 countries.

2009 was an exciting year for Dochlaggie. Multi Best in Show Grand Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart, handled by Jarrod Tyler, caught the eye of local and international Toy specialists from the moment he stepped into the ring.

Multi Best in Show Grand Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart’s quality continues to be recognised by local & international Toy specialists a-like with numerous illustrious wins against Top Toy competition Australia-wide.

The highlight of 2009 was Multi Best in Show Grand Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart’s prestigious award of Best in Show 4th at Australia’s largest show, the Royal Melbourne Show. Special thanks to handler extraordinaire Jarrod Tyler.

During 2010, Multi Best in Show Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart, became a Grand Champion. The highlight of 2010 was another huge Royal win.  Multi Best in Show Supreme Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart  wins Best Exhibit in Group and Best Exhibit in Show, 4th at the Royal Adelaide Show. Dragon Heart is the only Pomeranian, to our knowledge, within Australia to have the huge honour of being a Multi Best in Show Royal Show winner.Dochlaggie pomeranians Australia

Dochlaggie believes that the strength of any kennel is in the quality of your bitches and our girls continue to keep the flag flying high for Dochlaggie.

During 2010, Dochlaggie won the bitch challenge at the three Royal Shows we attended. Champion Dochlaggie Dew Drop won bitch challenges at the Sydney and Adelaide Royal Shows in 2010.

Champion Dochlaggie Dizzy Izzy, won the bitch challenge at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2010.

Dochlaggie Dainty Delite, the junior bitch class winner, took Reserve Challenge at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2010.

It did help that Dochlaggie won all the Pomeranian bitch classes eligible for challenge at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2010. Puppy bitch class winner, Dochlaggie Diamond Lady, was Best Pomeranian Puppy.

Dochlaggie pomeranians AustraliaIn 2011, following in his sire’s footsteps, Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Double, kept the flag flying high for Dochlaggie, winning runner up Best Exhibit in Group at the Adelaide Royal.

Supreme Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart, came out of semi-retirement to take Best of Breed at Melbourne Royal. Reserve Dog Challenge winner and runner up Best of Breed was a youngster, Dochlaggie Double Dare. Bitch challenge winner was another Dochlaggie youngster, Champion Dochlaggie Divine Delite.

2012 started off with a huge Best in Show win for Cathy and Champion Dochlaggie  Dragon Double.

A huge highlight was my visit to the U.K. in March, 2012, attending Crufts to see the Pomeranians judged, and then heading up to Scotland to judge the Scottish Pomeranian Club Show.

2013 Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Double took Best in Group 4th, Breed Melbourne Royal. Champion Dochlaggie Done Deal was Reserve Challenge dog and r/u Best of Breed. Our 6 month old puppy, Dochlaggie Darn Hot took out the bitch challenge award at only 6 months of age at her first show.

In 2014, Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Double won Best of Breed Sydney and Adelaide Royals with Best Exhibit in Group 3rd at Adelaide. Finishing the year nicely after being awarded Dog Challenge at Melbourne Royal.

Canadian and Australian Champion Shallany Rebel With A Cause (Imported from Canada), arrived and HIT the Show Ring quickly gaining his Australian Champion with 4 BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP AWARDS!

Dochlaggie pomeranians Australia

Dochlaggie has owned/imported 30 imported Pomeranians during the past 40 years.

Wonderful Pom people have entrusted us with outstanding Poms and contributed to the tremendous success Dochlaggie Pomeranians has enjoyed.

I’m so fortunate to have been able to share my life with this special little dog. All the joys along the way have made the sorrows in this breed bearable. I have been lucky to have made many wonderful friends in the Pomeranian World and have a very supportive family. Without this support I would not have been able to follow my passionate goal of breeding and exhibiting world class Pomeranians.

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