Dochlaggie Pomeranian Reader Kennel Visit May,2002

Exhibiting “colored” Pomeranians is not for the faint hearted. Here in Australia too many judges seem to think you and your Pomeranian is invisible if you have a colored Pomeranian on the end of your lead.

I got into parti colors because I was offered a black and white parti girl and I thought this may be a good idea to use as an outcross for the white Pomeranians, even though I realized I was working with 2 different genes. Then I was offered a Black stud Imported from Toybox kennels in the U.K. I purchased this black import because he was out of a parti colored dam. I bred one litter and produced one parti male, who I did show for a short time and even managed to obtain a first place in puppy dog class at Sydney Royal .A black and white parti colored daughter of this boy is now being shown by Marie Dodds and is well on the way to her Australian Title.
By now I was completely besotted with the personality’s of the parti’s. They are special Pomeranian people.If you first started in Pomeranians with a parti you would just want partis!!!! The orange Pomeranians are special little people, but the parti Pomeranians are super stars.
One of the colors that I have had success with is cream sables.I have titled many cream sable Pomeranians. One outstanding winner, who is cream sable is Australian, Singapore and New Zealand BISS Champion Dochlaggie Deity.
Deity is a small little boy of only 3.5 pounds but is so sound and could out move a Afghan Hound if necessary. Deity is the product of a son back to his mother, being sired by Multi BISS Champion Dochlaggie Domino out of the u.k. import Irret Georgie Girl of Speranza.

Another big winning cream sable is the bitch Australian and Indian Champion Dochlaggie Dolcezza, now owned by Vishna Bhave in India. Vishna Bhave also owns the orange male multi Group winner Australian and Indian Champion Dochlaggie Drawcard. Both Pomeranians have had many in Show awards in India.

Other overseas big winners, are Best in Show winning American Champion Dochlaggie Dagwood, owned by E. Sangunnakup, – Singapore Best in Show Champion Dochlaggie Dreamtyme, owned by Andrew Yang
– Singapore Best in Show Champion Dochlaggie Dreamboat owned by Dr. Peter Chow and a bitch who has consistently blitzed the show ring in Singapore over the last few years, Best in Show Champion Dochlaggie Dancing Fire owned by Peter Tan.
Due to changed circumstances, Pomeranian breeders in New Zealand, Mark & Cherie Teeboon, sent their Pomeranians to me. I was lucky enough to obtain the bitch, New Zealand Champion Kiriemuir Silver Trinket imported U.K. [ again going back to Paddockwood lines] a stud dog, New Zealand Champion Pakovs Pinch of Snuff imported U.K.. and a New Zealand Champion bitch all U.K. lines sired by the U.K. import Tookeyes Red Max. Mark & Cherie had previously shown Dochlaggie Dark Phantom and Dochlaggie Deity to their New Zealand titles.
Recently I have set out on a small change of direction and have imported a stud from Finland- Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and now Australian Champion Linnahaltijan Dionysos. Many thanks to Jussi Liimatainen and Elma Halti for entrusting “Bobi’ to my care. “Bobi” became a Australian Champion quickly with multiple Best in Group wins along the way. “Bobi” is mostly “Tookeyes” breeding which goes back to Paddockwood lines, so he should work well with the stock I already have in my kennel.
I then exchanged some Pomeranians with Sharon Hanson. Sharon was interested in white Pomeranians and I was interested in a son of her u.k. import Tookeyes the Goldsmith. It was easy to send to Sharon from Australia. But with the quarantine rules in Australia , I had to wait 6 months for mine and poor Sharon had to have heaps of tests done on the Pomeranians coming to me.
Pic 11 Australian BISA Champion Jan-Shars Aussie Down Under Imp.U.S.A.

Sharon sent me a marvellous Tookeyes the Goldsmith son, Australian Champion Jan-shars Aussie Down Under. Aussie won an All Breeds Best in Show 2 weeks out of quarantine. With limited outings, Aussie has won Best of breed at Australia’s largest show- Royal Melbourne Show, 2000 and 2001. Winning a Group 3 award as well in 2001. Aussie also has won 6 Best in Group awards and 2 r/u Best Exhibit in groups and numerous class in groups.
Aussie is the sire of the stunning cream sable, Best in Show Allbreeds, Group winning puppy – Dochlaggie Ditto who was also Best of Breed and puppy in group at Adelaide Royal in 2001.
Another winner sired by Aussie is Group winner Champion Dochlaggie Don’t Dare Me.
Reserve Challenge dog at Sydney Royal 2002, from the puppy dog class Dochlaggie Dark N Stormy is also sired by Australian Champion Jan-shars Aussie Down Under Imp U.S.A.
Close to her Australian Championship is the bitch sired by “Aussie” out of Irret Georgie Girl of Speranza [ imp. U.k.]- Dochlaggie Divine Dazzla. Other pointed “Aussie” children are Dochlaggie Dixie Pixie and Dochlaggie Dixie Jazz
Also arriving with “Aussie” was another male ,Australian Champion Jan-Shars Orange Julius and the bitch Australian Champion Jan-Shars One Tuff Cookie. Cookie won bitch challenge at both Adelaide and Melbourne Royals in 2000, her kennel mate , Champion Dochlaggie Dazzlin Dream being Reserve bitch on both occasions. Then at Sydney Royal 2002, Ch. Dochlaggie Dazzlin Dream was challenge winner and best of breed , while Cookie was Reserve Challenge winning bitch.
Arriving after the first 3 and spending time in Singapore was Jan-Shars Jeep Cherokee imp u.s.a. Special thanks to our dear friend Peter Tan in Singapore for his great care of “Jeep” during his stay in Singapore.
I have been so lucky to have been able to share my life with these delightful little dogs and I have met many wonderful Pomeranian lovers from all parts of the globe.
The relatively recent advent of the internet has made the globe a much smaller place and we Pomeranian fanciers have been very quick to take advantage of this new medium in meeting other Pomeranian fanciers and the sharing of knowledge and resources.
An extra special treat was meeting so many Pomeranian people when Noel and I visited the Specialty in Kentucky this March. Thank you to all for making us both feel so welcome
I have been truly blessed with having a wonderful family and supportive friends and it would be very remiss of me to close this article without thanking them . Without their support and encouragement I would not have been able to pursue this hobby at this level of involvement.
Denise Leo

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