Dochlaggie Pomeranians Australia

Hello everyone, I am Denise Leo. My husband Noel and I reside in Australia and have enjoyed breeding and exhibiting Pomeranians under the Dochlaggie Prefix since 1975. I am honoured and thrilled to have been asked to do this kennel visit. Having recently retired, we have purchased a beautiful 100 acre property complete with the home of my dreams & plenty of space to enjoy the Pomeranians. It also has helped avoid having any close neighbors! Living at our previous property for most of our lives, we have been extremely fortunate to have neighbors who adored our Pomeranians and accepted our dogs as part of the neighborhood. Owing to the very limited amount of dogs allowed without a kennel license and strict dog breeding regulations we have in Australia, our recently completed kennel complex is spacious, council approved & registered a indoor/outdoor facility specifically designed to cater to our Pomeranians comfort, safety & happiness. My involvement with the Pomeranian breed now spans a period of over 50 years. The Dochlaggie story begun as a young child. I was most fortunate to have a Great Aunt who bred and exhibited Champion Pomeranians. My fondest childhood memory was nursing her Champion Pomeranian on the way home from shows. Filled with happiness, I became extremely passionate about the dream of one day filling my life with Show Pomeranians. Applying for a prefix in 1975, we received a postcard from my mother-in-law, who was on holiday in Scotland visiting family. This card originated from a place called “Dochlaggie”, this word resounded with me. At least 40 of my previously submitted names had been rejected & so upon acceptance of this application “Dochlaggie Pomeranians” came into existence. The Scottish heritage of this name made my invitation to judge the 2012 Pomeranian Club of Scotland Specialty Show all the more magical. The opportunity to attend Crufts 2012 capped off a once in a lifetime trip to stay in touch with the Worldwide Pomeranian fraternity.       Best in Show success both All-Breeds & Specialty alike have always been a part of Dochlaggie. During 1978, owner/breeder/handled Aust Ch Dochlaggie Decisive won an All Breeds Best in Show at Championship Show level. Pictured left : Denise handling BISA Australian Champion Dochlaggie Decisive in the 1970’s.

Little did I know, this was to be the humble beginning of a long line of my not just BIS winning, but also the first of many Champions both Australian & Internationally titled.

BIS Am Ch Dochlaggie Dagwood

BISS Aust/Sing/NZ Ch Dochlaggie Deity

BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dancing Queen

BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Didgeridoo

BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dyanna

BIS Sing Ch Dochlaggie Dreamboat

BIS Sing Ch Dochlaggie Dancing Fire

BIS Sing Ch Dochlaggie Dreamtyme

BIS Dochlaggie Ditto

Multi BISS BIS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Domino

Multi BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dazzlin Dream

BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dixie Jazz BIS

Aust/Sing Ch Dochlaggie Dark n Stormy

Multi BIS BISS Aust SCH Dochlaggie Desoto

Multi BIS GCH Dochlaggie Dragon Heart

BIS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dragon Double

These are my most memorably awarded Dochlaggie bred Best In Show Champions. They account for only a small portion of over 80 homebred Dochlaggie champion Pomeranians. Naturally the pinnacle of any kennel is breeding quality ‘homebred’ stock. Throughout the last 37 years, Dochlaggie’s success can be largely attributed to a unique blend of over 30 invaluable imports from Europe, North America & Asia. I can’t begin to thank enough the amazing Pomeranian breeders who have entrusted us with these exceptional Pomeranians that have contributed to the tremendous success that Dochlaggie has achieved over the years     Paddockwood Regal Asset arrived in the late 1980’s and has an amazing pedigree going back to all the “Hadleigh “greats. Regal Asset was selectively bred to “Hadleigh” line bitches imported from the Speranza Kennels. This mix produced many champions. The first being Multi BIS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Domino. Pictured left: Multi BISA/BISS Australian Champion Dochlaggie Domino. Arriving next at Dochlaggie via New Zealand was NZ Ch Kiriemuir Silver Trinket (Imp UK) , NZ Ch Pakov’s Pinch of Snuff (Imp UK) & NZ Ch Cherimar Christmas Box sired by Tookeyes Red Max (Imp UK).              

A special thanks must go to Sharon Hanson of Jan-Shars Kennel for MBIS Aust Ch Jan-Shars Aussie Down Under (Imp USA), a son of Tookeyes the Goldsmith (Imp U.K.) who arrived with Aust Ch Jan-Shars Orange Julius (Imp USA). After these Jan-Shars Jeep Cherokee (Imp USA) arrived later via Singapore. These 3 wonderful Studs have sired many Champions, and are behind most of the Dochlaggie Pedigrees. Dochlaggie’s most recent milestone was the awarding of Australian Supreme Champion to my beloved Jan-Shars Jeep Cherokee’s son Multi BIS BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Desoto at the age of 10. This was a huge thrill as it cements the ascendancy this amazing male made in this country.

Pictured above: Multi BISA Australian Champion Dochlaggie Desoto

        Pictured left: Multi Royal Best in Show Grand Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart                           Next to arrive was the stunning, Am/Can Ch Sandalwood JI Marty JR (Imp USA) from Roger Lau in Hawaii. MJ has proven a crucial component to many of our most recent outstanding Pomeranians. His most successful offspring being Multi BIS Aust Grand CH Dochlaggie Dragon Heart. A couple of Dragon Heart’s most illustrious wins include Group 1st, Best in Show 4th Royal Melbourne Show ’09 & Group 1st, Best in Show 4th Royal Adelaide Show ’10. Special thanks for the expert condition & presentation of Dragon Heart go to the other big part of the Dochlaggie team, Jarrod Tyler & Cathy Camac for these events respectively. To put these wins in perspective, I should explain Australian “Royal” shows . Each state has one major show each year, known as a ‘Royal’ Show. These ‘Royals’ draw the largest entry in Australia with Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide Royals being Australia’s most prestigious events on the dog show calendar! To have won not only Group 1st but also have been placed ‘In Show’ I am privileged to have achieved what only a handful of exhibits/breeders/owners or handlers have been able to achieve. Dragon Heart to our knowledge, is the only Pomeranian to have ever been awarded Best in Show placement ever in Australia. Once was a dream come true, TWICE was a fantasy!

Pictured above: Multi BISA Australian Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Double

Pictured left: Multi Royal Best in Show Grand Champion Dochlaggie Dragon Heart.

Rearing Dragon Heart from an early age, Jarrod Tyler paved the path for this dog’s success. Amassing illustrious wins over his campaign saw Dochlaggie become more prevalent on the All-Breeds Show scene, travelling and winning in all parts of Australia. Towards the limelight of Dragon Hearts campaign, Cathy Camac of Chezjolie Poodle fame joined the Dochlaggie team in 2010 . Cathy quickly finished Dragon Heart’s Grand Championship with countless Group 1st & BIS. Following in his father’s paw steps a Dragon Heart son, BIS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dragon Double went on to Group 2nd at Adelaide Royal Show ‘11. This super young male holds great promise for continuing his father’s legacy! A big thanks to Cathy for supporting Dochlaggie through the outstanding presentation of my pride and joy. Prior to these two stunning males came another essential part to the continued success of Dochlaggie, but in two-legged form! Jarrod Tyler has been an integral part of the kennels heart beat for over 20 years. Always a glutton for punishment, some 2 decades ago I found myself always short of help! A young, keen, & bright eyed 6 year old always seemed pleased to play, hold & ring proof my team. All these years rearing & presenting my best stock I never would have known that this once child was to grow into one of Australia’s only professional dog handlers & one of a handful of Australian’s to have successfully handled in several countries taking All-Breeds BIS in most of them. There has been no mystery as to why my kennel has become what is has today with the influence of Jarrod & his talents.

It all began once returning from his first USA/Canada trip to work with many of North America’s Top Professional Handlers, travelling for over a year from show to show with amazing results. His passion for Pomeranians continued with the luck of one of his clients having owned the #1 Pomeranian in Canada at the time. Since returning home his ability to present my stock to its best advantage has increased my kennels profile and also increased the Pomeranians profile & it’s ability compete against the most successful of All-Breeds Competition at Best In Show level. Jarrod is very much a part of Dochlaggie, the following have seen the most international recognition with his presentation/handling.

Pictured right: Jarrod and Dochlaggie Done N Dusted BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dixie Jazz – #1 Bitch Aust Ch Dochlaggie Direct Ticket – #1 Dog MBIS Aust GCH Dochlaggie Dragon Heart – #1 Nationally Dochlaggie Dizzie Rascal – Multiple Puppy in Show Dochlaggie Done N Dusted – #1 Puppy

Thank you to Jarrod for all of the years of success and hopefully the many to come!

The latest boy to arrive at Dochlaggie is Aust/Can Ch Jenuwane Bring on the Heat (Imp CAN) With limited stud use, Pepper has already sired Group winning Aust Ch Dochlaggie Double Dare and a new boy soon to make his presence felt in the show ring, Dochlaggie Dont Stop Lookin.

Pictured left : Denise and Aust/Can Ch Jenuwane Bring on the Heat (Imp CANADA)

The story continues with Dochlaggie Done & Dusted, who is currently the Pomeranian Top Rising Star #1 Puppy Australia wide. Also making an impact Dochlaggie Dont Stop Lookin & Dochlaggie Dark N Dazzlin are starting to make their mark. Dark N Dazzlin combines most of the dogs we have imported over the years and we are expecting him to carry on the Dochlaggie legacy.

Pictured right : Dochlaggie Dont Stop Lookin

Pictured left: Dochlaggie Dark N Dazzlin

Pictured right: Australian Champion Dochlaggie Dizzy Izzy

The strength of any kennel is in the quality of your bitches and the Dochlaggie girls have constantly reigned supreme.

Irret Georgie Girl of Speranza (Imp UK) has contributed tremendously to our breeding program. ‘Georgie Girl’ is the dam of Multi BIS Ch Dochlaggie Domino, Aust/Sing/NZ BISS Champion Dochlaggie Deity, Aust Ch Dochlaggie Does it Again & Aust Ch Dochlaggie Divine Dazzla, numerous champion offspring & great offspring. Irret Georgie Girl is also the foundation of our white and cream breeding program. Champion Dochlaggie girls who have kept the Dochlaggie kennel flag flying high include

Aust Ch Dochlaggie Does It Again, Multi BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dazzlin Dream & BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dixie Jazz.All of these girls won CC’s & BOB at numerous ‘Royals. BIS Sing Ch Dochlaggie Dancing Fire BIS Sing Ch Dochlaggie Dreamtyme Am/Can Ch Sandalwood JI Marty JR daughters who we have reason to be extremely proud of include: Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dew Drop. Specialty CC winner Dew Drop also is a Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide Royal CC winner. Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dainty Delite won the Bitch CC Melbourne Royal 2011, after being Reserve Challenge winner 2010 to her sister Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dizzy Izzy. 2010 was the year the Dochlaggie girls showed their strength at the Royal Melbourne Show by winning every & all Pomeranian bitch classes. Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dizzy Izzy, a fabulous cream sable girl was Bitch CC winner at Melbourne Royal 2010. white pomeranian puppy

Dochlaggie breed whites, creams, cream sables, wolf sables, black and tans, beavers, parti colors, and blacks as well as the usual oranges and orange sables. In 1994 I had the good fortune to import an ice white grandson of Eng Ch Hadleigh Summer Lightning . The arrival of this white boy was the start of the Dochlaggie whites. After spending a few years working within the limitations of only having this one white male and using wolf sables and cream sables as outcrosses, a good friend in Singapore helped my white breeding program by sending a white stud dog from Taiwan white lines. I now enjoying the luxury of having 3 separate white Pomeranian lines.

Pitcured Right: Dochlaggie White Whitney

Another colour very close to my heart is cream. Dochlaggie Champion Creams & Cream sables include : Aust/Sing/NZ BISS Aust Ch Dochlaggie Deity . Aust/Ind Ch Dochlaggie Dolcezza Aust Ch Speranza Winter Breeze (Imp UK) NZ Ch Kiriermuir Silver Trinket (Imp UK) Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dazzlin Amber Aust Ch Dochlaggie Dizzy Izzy

I have been so fortunate to share my life with this special little dog. All the joys along the way have made the sorrows in this breed bearable. Special thanks to all my many wonderful friends in the Pomeranian World and very supportive family. Without this support I would not have been able to follow the dream of breeding & exhibiting world class Pomeranians.

This Kennel Visit appeared in the American Pomeranian Club magazineThe Pomeranian Review September/October 2012.