pomeranian puppyDochlaggie Pomeranians. Located in Country Victoria, Australia.

Dochlaggie is an ANKC registered breeder with Dogs Victoria. Exceptional quality Pomeranian puppies are sometimes available.

I have had the pleasure of sharing most of my life with Pomeranians, obtaining my first Pomeranian at the age of 9 and I have been involved in the breeding and exhibiting of Champion Pomeranians since 1975.

We own a beautiful property in Northern Victoria, Australia. Set on 100 acres with spacious council approved & registered indoor/outdoor facilities specifically designed to keep our Pomeranians comfortable, happy & safe.

Pomeranians used in our breeding program are registered, vaccinated, microchipped and health screened.

They also undergo a comprehensive health check by our vet prior to breeding.

Our Pom puppies are well socialised, immunised, microchipped, regularly wormed and vet checked prior to leaving for their new homes. Puppies are registered with Dogs Victoria. This certifies the puppy is a pedigree purebred.

Dochlaggie sells all Pomeranian puppies with a written sales guarantee and a health declaration.

Pomeranian Puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed prior to leaving for their new homes. In most cases your baby will be available 14 days after this vet check, unless I think the puppy is small and would benefit from staying here a few more weeks. All puppies are individuals and we all want what’s in the best interests of your new furry baby.

Dochlaggie Provides Ongoing Support and Information to the Lucky Owners of our Pomeranians.

Dochlaggie would like to make new puppy owners aware of the risks associated with contact with other dogs, etc. before the puppy’s course of vaccinations is completed. We urge you to ensure that all care is taken with the puppy, including limiting your baby’s outings until at least the 12 week vaccination.
A diet chart can be downloaded from the site for easy reference. Tummy upsets should be prevented by following this chart.

Waiting List:

Currently Dochlaggie are not taking orders for Pomeranian puppies .

Dochlaggie Pomeranian Puppies Price

My pricing reflects the superior care, temperament, health, bloodlines and quality behind the Dochlaggie Pomeranians. If you’re shopping around simply to find the cheapest pup on the market, it won’t be from Dochlaggie. The purchase price of a Pom is a minimal investment, compared to the emotional investment (or the vet bills), if you’re unfortunate enough to purchase a poor quality or sickly dog from an unregistered breeder, registered backyarder or a pet shop.

If you would like information by email, please go to the Contact Us link. Please provide your full name, location and a contact phone number. I don’t answer emails where price is the only question.Dochlaggie puppy

Pomeranian Show Exports

Dochlaggie is happy and very proud to see our Pomeranians being shown overseas by caring, genuine purchasers.
I don’t breed a huge amount of Pomeranians each year, but I often have that special Pomeranian available. Contact is best made by email, with a follow up in 2 to 3 days’ time, if you don’t receive an immediate reply.

Pet Pomeranian Pups for Sale

Dochlaggie sells pet Pomeranian pups ( when available)  on limited register to selected pet homes.

Limited Register means not for exhibition/ breeding or export purposes.

The puppy must be desexed. I often have the puppy neutered prior to leaving here. If for some reason I haven’t desexed your puppy, you’ll be required to have this operation done yourself.

I recommend desexing at approximately 6 months of age. Desexing greatly reduce the chances of certain cancers developing later in your puppy’s life. I also recommend that you have your vet remove any retained baby teeth at the same time.

Dochlaggie reserve the right to refuse any sale. Our Pomeranians must go to the most deserving of homes.

If you have any questions I haven’t answered here, please contact me.
Thanks and Hugs, Denise.