We have placed this Testimonial Page at the request of our clients. Many thanks to everyone who has become a part of the Dochlaggie family for your loyal support and friendship.


The Pomeranian Rowdy

The Pomeranian Rowdy


” We were fortunate enough to join the Dochlaggie clan in February 2012 when Rowdy arrived as a little pup on a plane from Melbourne.

We bought him sight unseen and Denise made the whole process so easy – from sending us baby photos to organising his flight.

Now we have the most wonderful boy imaginable – laid back, loving and mostly obedient! We are extremely proud of his correct, deep orange coat, something that can be hard to come by these days.

As well as gaining a delightful dog we also gained a wonderful mentor in Denise. She always makes herself available to answer any queries from grooming to feeding and exercise. Her knowledge of all things Pomeranian is inexhaustible.



The Pomeranian " Spencer

The Pomeranian ” Spencer


” I have been so very pleased with my little fur baby. He has brought me so much love and never leaves my side. He is such a healthy happy little boy which seems to be a common trait of all Dochlaggie babies. A credit to you for the time you spend with them in their first weeks of life. Congratulations on such a professional business and I always tell people where I got him from. Amy  from Canberra.”


The Pomeranian "Smurf"

The Pomeranian “Smurf”


“Hi Denise, just wanted to let you know that little Smurf is growing up healthily and is well loved. He is overly loved by  the rest of my family who secretly feeds him when I’m not looking. He is a cheeky little bugger who steals the turtles’ cucumbers, annoys the hell out of his sister Bubbles and loves licking people’s toes. Hopefully next time in the future I will be lucky enough to own another Dochlaggie pomeranian as they are all very lovely indeed! Lots of Love, Rina  ”


The Pomeranian Teddy G.

The Pomeranian Teddy G.


” Five month old Ted enjoys exploring under the house, when it’s time to go inside we ring a bell and he bolts back. He loves interacting with other dogs and enjoys dog obedience classes where he sucks up to strangers for treats and gets away with it.” Ioulia .


”  Hi Denise,  Just letting you know that Coconut is doing great and has settled in  nicely. He is very well behaved and was house trained on the second day! Such a  clever boy :). Thanks Grace”


” Hi  Denise,  How are you doing? I hope that the move is going smoothly . I really enjoyed coming out to  your home, thank you again for allowing me to step into your private home and  especially for bringing “Midget” into my life. Midget is what we have decided to  call the little guy, we thought it suited him very much, it was either that or  “garbage collector” because if you don’t watch him, he will eat anything off the  floor.

You were right about his temperment, he really has a  personality, my dad was scolding him because he had urinated on the tiles, and  he just looked at my dad and barked right back at him, as if to say “who do you  think you are”, Midget actually had a barking contest with my dad, and  eventually after he was done telling my dad off for scolding him, he walked  away. My mum laughing throughout it all…however she then picked him up and  told him “NO”, and ever since then he has actually been going on paper without  supervision. So not only is he demanding he is also extremely intelligent, a  very dangerous combination if you ask me, hehe. He also responds to his name  only after 4 days of being with us, so his got a great  personality.

My dad is completely infatuated with him, we have had  to buy him a bell that goes around his neck, so that we know where he is all the  time, and we can hear him. Its more so that we don’t accidentally step on him.  But I have never seen my mum and dad so in love with a dog before. Midget has  really cast a spell over my parents. I was talking to my parents,  and we thought that since Midget is so small that it would be great for him to  have a “companion”, we would be looking at around him being at 6 months of age  or 1 year. I was hoping to adopt another one of your dogs…if you would let me.  If you just kept me posted, I know that at the moment you are not having many  litters, so like Midget, I’m willing to wait…the right puppy will find its  owner.

Also my friend “Jazz”, was hoping to also adopt one of your  puppies too, she wanted one ever since she met Nacho, and Midget. She would  really look after your pom babies, I can gaurantee you that, I’ve seen her  around Midget and Nacho, and she is very loving.

However, what I  really just wanted to say Denise, thank you so much for everything. For Nacho  (even though his no longer with us any longer) and for Midget, you really have  given us special members to the family that can never be replaced. I will keep  in touch and updated with pictures and stories of Midget. Please keep in touch,  and let me know what your thoughts are regarding Midget having a  companion, I’m not an expert in the field.

Again take care, please keep  in touch, I will definately keep in touch.  With lots of Hugs and  Kisses,  Olivia  ”


pomeranian“Hi Denise, we just adore our little girl. She’s so super lovable. She bonded with us right away and seems calm, relaxed and happy. Even on the way home from the airport she was looking into our eyes and giving us big cuddles. Once home she had a nice meal and then slept for a couple of hours followed by play time, another sleep, another meal… she is easy to get into a routine. Our 8 year old daughter is very gentle with her and our puppy Skyler walks towards where she is sitting, puts her little paw on her – they already have a special connection – all this on day one! I am sure future days will bring us even closer. We are looking forward to very exciting times ahead with this addition to our family. Thank you for all your help. The information booklets and all the other advice were very helpful and you seem to really care for your furry little friends. We are so glad we did not go to a pet shop but to an experienced registered breeder in finding the perfect little pom for us. She sure is perfect in every way! Thanks again from the grateful and very happy Bourke family.”